Fizetés Charles

  • Herceg - Egyesült Királyság
  • Született: 1948 Nagy-Britannia
  • Évente: 9 647 730 534,00 Ft
  • Havi: 803 977 544,50 Ft
  • Hetente: 185 533 279,50 Ft
  • Naponta: 37 106 655,90 Ft
Charles annual income review 2019: Total income and funding £24.221.000
Income from Duchy of Cornwall: £ 21.627.000 (The Prince of Wales’s private income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, an estate comprising agricultural, commercial and residential property mostly in the South West of England. The Duchy also has a financial investment portfolio. His Royal Highness chooses to use the majority of his income from the Duchy to meet the cost of his, The Duchess of Cornwall’s, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s public and charitable work. The Duchy of Cornwall’s income is broadly level when compared to last year).
Income from Sovereign Grant Funding: £ 1.994.000 (The Sovereign Grant funding covers two specific areas of official costs incurred in support of The Queen as Head of State).
From Government Departments £ 600.000 (For The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, Government Departments meet expenditure in respect of the provision of staff on secondment from the Armed Services and some costs of official overseas visits undertaken at the request of Her Majesty’s Governments).


Update: 2019-11



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