Sauli Niinistö

  • Elnök Finnország
  • Született: 1948 Finnország
  • Házas
  • Gyermekek: 2
  • Éves: 126 000,00 EUR
  • Havi: 10 500,00 EUR
  • Heti: 2 250,00 EUR
  • Napi: 345,21 EUR
Sauli Niinistö

Wikipedia: 126,000 euros The President’s pension is likewise set in an Act of Parliament. The President’s full pension is 60 per cent of the salary, i.e. €75,600 per annum.This sum is paid to a person who has served for at least six years. For each full year of service less than this, there is a reduction of one-sixth, but the minimum pension is not less than half of the full amount.


Update: 2018-1



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