Fizetés Rumen Radev

  • Elnök - Bulgária
  • Született: 1963 Bulgária
  • Évente: 26 702 524,00 Ft
  • Havi: 2 225 210,33 Ft
  • Hetente: 513 510,08 Ft
  • Naponta: 102 702,02 Ft
Rumen Radev Feb 2020: Salaries of the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov are already higher.
The reason is the increase in the average wage for the country, reported by the National Statistical Institute. It exceeded BGN 1,300 for the first time in December 2019.
Each Member receives this remuneration multiplied by 3. Participation in a committee brings him plus 15% of the basic salary, and often MPs are on more than one committee.
The time worked is 1% of the basic salary for each year. The basic salaries of MPs will increase to 4248 BGN. If they participate in commissions the amount will be raised to 4672 BGN.
Thus, Boyko Borisov will already sign a minimum of BGN 6372. This is the amount excluding the time allowances, which for this category of employees are 1.6% for each year of work experience.
Ministers' basic salaries amount to BGN 5522.
The highest nominal salary in the country, however, is taken by the president - the amount is equal to two MPs. According to NSI data, Radev should already sign for a minimum of BGN 8456.
To this should be added also 1.6% for each year of service, so that the President's gross salary is BGN 12 thousand. November 2016: The new president of Bulgaria will receive a monthly salary lev 9285.


Update: 2020-2



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