Fizetés Donald Tusk

  • Volt Elnök - the European Council - EPP president
  • Született: 1957 Gdańsk, Lengyelország
  • Évente: 145 171 983,00 Ft
  • Havi: 12 097 665,25 Ft
  • Hetente: 2 791 768,90 Ft
  • Naponta: 558 353,78 Ft
Donald Tusk

Nov 2019: Donald Tusk has been elected EPP President, the centre-right European People’s Party. His salary hasn't been revealed yet.

Aug 2019: Charles Michel was announced as Donald Tusk's successor as European Council president. His term
will end in november. Jun 2019: EU top officials Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, whose terms end in November, are entitled to receive 50 per cent of their current monthly salary every month for two years after leaving office. Now they receive about € 400,000. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Council President Donald Tusk now earn around €32,200-a-month, including allowances – around €500 more than before.
Sun Nov 2016: Mr Juncker’s Christmas bonus will be €5,181.24 (£4,396) – while his basic salary will rise by €10,362 (£8,793), taking it to a stratospheric €324,377 (£275,275).
According to the Dutch site, is the salary of the President of the European Council the same of that of the President of the European Commission which is, according to May 2014: The salary of the President is € 25.554,58 per month (€ 306.655 annually), subject to EU tax with rates ranging from 8% to 45%. The President has a monthly allowance for representation expenses of 1.418,07 (€ 17.016 annually) and he is entitled to a residence allowance of 15% of his basic salary which is (€ 45.998 annually).
The President's total annual income, including allowances is €369.669


Update: 2019-11



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